ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology.


Mobile Solutions

Embedding Mobile technologies to ERP Solutions which gives more value to the customers and seamless usability with quick options to push for transactions


Web Solutions

Good website design plays a vital role in getting Business through website. We will offer one-stop-solution for your website redesigning needs.


Software Support

When it comes to support, time is the first entity. Our dedicated support ensures that customer issues are addresses in time.


Your works compulsorily would be seen, we took care of that.

To help our clients meet their goals through the right people at the right time.

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Why Consultsoft ?

With rich experience of having provided successful Solutions to a wide range of customers across the globe, at Consultsoft, your valuable business is in the safe hands of the right people.

Software Development

Our transparent, efficient and flexible software development process eliminate risks of project failures and creates powerful software solutions that serves present as well as future demands

Mobile Development

Mobile app is a software application designed for use on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. which provide functionalities such as interacting with users on realtime.

Web Development

Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.

Tally Integration

Tally is a preferred Accounting, Financial & Inventory software of SMEs.Many SMEs have already implemented Tally and Our ERP integration provides the power of ERP along with the flexibility of Tally.

Easy to Customize

The benefit to custom software is the simple fact it provides features off-theshelf software doesn’t. Designing an application with your organization’s needs in consideration implies an increased level of productivity.

Unparalleled Support

Software maintenance in software engineering is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct faults, to improve performance or other attributes and is an integral and essential part of software.

Our Services

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About Us

A complete Solution provider.

Consultsoft is not just a software consulting firm; it is rather a brainchild of experts from a varied array of fields from Strategic Business Consultancy to IT enabled services like Consulting,Software Development, Web Designing, Web Development, e-commerce etc. that will take your business through a world of fresh opportunities ensuring a steady and decent growth rate.

What we do?

We provides a shortcut to develop applications by providing job-specific training scenarios, activities, and support materials – all of which can be used out-of-the-box or easily customized – accelerating your ability to use technologies to its fullest potential.


To be the leading providers of bouquet of IT strategies and services, which will reap long term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements.

We believe that our solutions have to be economical, efficient, sustainable, and flexible and allow the organizations to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.


To help our clients meet their goals through the right people at the right time.

How it Works

At Consultsoft, we believe that learning is a never ending quest. We provide training on live projects rather than dummy projects which basically train graduates, professionals as well as others in almost all areas of IT.

A software consultant has many responsibilities.

Consultants are supposed to improve the business not just develop some software. Understand software engineering, development, design, testing, and modifications. Try developing your own software from start to finish also provide advice as to how the application should be implemented using current industry approaches. Often provides technical advice on how to configure a large application.

Requirement Gathering

Usually a part of business analysis, the consultant will gather, in minute detail, the exact needs and requirements of the client

Business Analysis

Once a particular company is selected (now called the vendor), the consultant will go to the client, and study the client, the client's processes and the problem in hand.

Business Development

The sales / marketing job that the consultant does. Here, he is responsible for identifying potential customers, contacting them and getting an audience with the "powers-that-be" in a potential client organization

Work with us

It is only through the recommendations of our satisfied clientele.